On The Rag

Christmas edition On the Rag: Who made the naughty and nice list for 2016?

December 22, 2016

For the final Christmas episode of On the Rag, the gang look at the highs and lows for women in 2016. 

It's the last episode of On the Rag, a podcast for people who consider themselves feminists every day of the week and definitely understand the dictionary definition of the word. To toast the year that was – with help from cheap bubbles and our sponsors at BON tampons – Alex, Leonie Michele look at the best and worst from 2016 and announce the lucky winner of our BON tampons-for-a-year competition.

Remember Trump? Paul Henry? Kevin Richards? Bono winning the woman of the year? It's not all doom and gloom though, as we shine lights on the glimmering yas queens who made the world a little brighter in the dark hellscape that was 2016.