On The Rag

Have yourself a very feminist Christmas

November 30, 2017

Listen to Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michele A’Court tackle the age-old conundrum: how do you cope with Christmas without exploding?

As we roll into December on a one-horse open sleigh, the Christmas stress is beginning to set in. So we asked our listeners for their own festive conundrums, tips and gift ideas, in an attempt to save the holiday season.

How do you buy a feminist gift without looking like a fun-killer? How do you avoid doing all the chores? What do you say to your racist family member when he drops a clanger during charades?

Beyond that, we shout out Gal Gadot for putting her Wonder Woman wedge down hard on Brett Ratner and bask in the glory that is the office compliments box. All this, thanks to our glorious sponsors at twenty-seven names.

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