On The Rag

On the Rag: So this is Christmas, and what has 2018 done?

December 19, 2018

Listen to Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Madeleine Chapman tackle the past YEAR in women, news and popular culture, with thanks to our friends at The Women’s Bookshop

We made it everyone! It's last episode of On the Rag for the year, and we are more than ready to say goodbye to 2018. But first, we must look back. December was a time of hurt for women across New Zealand, as the murder of Grace Millane brought violence against women into the spotlight once more. So what do you say to the #notallmen? And how did the relentless media circus make us women feel? We also look at our often unspoken personal safety measures, and the tyranny of taxis.

But where there is shade, there is also light. We nominate our Yas Queens of the year, and cast an eye back to the highlights of 2018 including abortion reform, Jacinda, and the cool women who have infiltrated mainstream media. Also, if you need hot tips for Christmas stress and present-buying, we've got it in spades. Head to our Facebook page for a chance to win an amazing books package from The Women’s Bookshop, and enjoy their bestsellers for December.

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