On The Rag

The women tell all… about bleeding

May 5, 2017

With Michele still elbow-deep in beignets in New Orleans, comedian and half of Boners of the Heart Alice Snedden joins Leonie and Alex to drink some bubbles and chat about the past month for women.

Although there were great plans to tackle multiple topics in a well-researched, informative, yet entertaining manner, the chat quickly divulges into a hilarious horror show tell-all about dealing with bleeding. Where does it come from? Where does it go? Where does the pad go cotton-eyed Joe?

Alice shares an oceanic tale that will make you never want to do Outward Bound (buy tickets to her comedy show here), Leonie has some sage advice for not clogging up your pipes and Alex confesses to some shady swimming sins. Have a listen, have a laugh, have a cry at a video of a dog being reunited with its owner.

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